PowerPoint Backgrounds To INTENSIFY Your Church's Worship

Get FREE PowerPoint background image.Increase your congregation's experience of worship while decreasing the time spent making up the PowerPoint slide show. You'll reduce your stress while gaining a more powerful (and pretty) presentation.

Do you spend hours creating PowerPoint presentations for church. Do you want more free time to spend with family and friends? Do you want to do a good job but find you're compromising quality in order to meet the demands of your schedule?

You know God wants ONLY the best in worship. Not only does he want our hearts, but he wants the worship experience to be beautiful. You remember when commanding Moses on building his temporary tabernacle, only the best satisfied God. Pure gold, fine ornamentation, acacia wood, embroidered linen. Likewise Solomon, when building the temple, employed the best craftsmen and used the finest items.

My name is Jean Dickson. As worship leader and church PowerPoint slide show creator, I used to spend too many hours creating the slides for Sunday's worship service. My rationale was, “If I'm doing this for God, then I'm going to do the best I can to help people draw closer to God."

And I have to admit - I loved hearing the compliments from the congregation. "The images draw me closer to God." "I feel so much closer to God." I could see on their faces that hearts were being touched - not just brains!

When I wasn't able to do a service, people would complain, "It's so empty without the images." Then they would ask, "Are you going to be back next Sunday?"

While I enjoyed helping people feel closer to God, it took a lot of time. And it cost a lot of money. I personally spent thousands of dollars on beautiful images for our church services. Money I couldn't afford to spend.

Of course, I could have done what several other worship leaders in the area were doing - I could have stolen images off the internet. But how could God bless my ministry if I stole images to use in worship?

There had to be a better way.

Then someone at church said, "Why don't you sell your PowerPoint backgrounds online? Surely God wants them to bless other churches and not just ours."

I thought, "I have the design training. I have the software. And I know where to purchase images that can be re-sold and where to find other ones with copyright that allow re-use."

I thought, "Other people won't have to make the mistakes I've made. And they'll have more time to spend with their family and on what really counts."

I decided then and there to provide beautiful worship images at a reasonable price. And, by doing so, I could reduce ministry burnout, relieve stress, reduce expense, and help create beautiful worship.

Worship is more than just the songs. So I created Christian PowerPoint background images that can be used:

  • as a pre-service presentation so that the congregation is thinking about God and His majesty prior to the church service commencing;
  • for announcements;
  • to signify a change from one section of the service to another;
  • as a backdrop for solos and worship specials;
  • to reinforce the sermon's message;
  • as a thoughtful PowerPoint presentation during communion or the offering;
  • as a motivational backdrop to skits;
  • as a inspirational series of messages during informal gatherings; and
  • during congregational singing for lyrics.

And because these are background pictures, you can use them in PowerPoint, in Kai's Power Show, KOffice, Open Office, and alternative worship presentation software.

Do they work? Just read this....

We really want to take the time to encourage you in this ministry. The work you put into the photos is really professional and honours the God we love, and we appreciate the effort it takes to come up with such creative ideas ... Thank you for sharing your God given talents with us.
Eric & Dearne Gordon
Riverstone Community Church, Australia

But I've barely touched on how you'll intensify worship while reducing stress and increasing free time.

There's no way I could promise real results without addressing one of the most important elements of worship ... that the focus must be to glorify God.

If the attention of the service is on the worship leader or the pastor or a soloist instead of giving God His rightful glory, then God won't be pleased. Please don't use these images to bring glory to you - and don't give it to me. Use the images to glorify God. And to free up your time so that you can concentrate on what God wants you to do with your life.

Now, initially I was going to offer these background images for $4.95 each. But even though this is 20 times less that what I charge my clients when I design PowerPoint slides for them, I thought that the price might take these beautiful background images out of reach for the average worship leader who really needed them.

So here's what I decided to do ...

I decided to hunt for high-quality low-price images so that I could offer my Christian PowerPoint backgrounds for only $1-$2 each!! That right, as little as $1 per high-quality, beautiful background image.

I'm so sure that your congregation will love these images that I'm putting all the risk entirely on me.

Take a full 6 months to examine and use our backgrounds.If and your congregation aren't satisfied with the backgrounds, you won't be left holding the bag. I've offered my Satisfaction Guaranteed warranty.

Get FREE PowerPoint background image.So say yes to faster and better PowerPoint presentations. Say yes to more time with friends and family. Say yes to high quality images that reflect God's glory.

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PS With our money back guarantee, there's no risk on your part. So don't put it off.

Christian background

PowerPoint Presentation image

Beautiful Background

Worship Image

Picture of Floating Leaves

Christian Integrity Image

Panoramic Photograph

The Word of God Stands Forever

The Word of God Stands Forever

The Word of God Stands Forever

Joyful Worship

Get FREE PowerPoint background image.

...a real enhancement to worship and teaching!
Gavin Wilcox
adult Sunday School teacher

Impact Images

Our impact images are for when you want to make a statement. Many pastors will use one or two as a backdrop behind them while preaching. Other churches use them to reinforce a soloist's message. Some use a variety of these image as inspirational messages while people are getting seated for the service.

Simplicity itself, people aren't struggling to comprehend the slide. Instead, your congregation's focus remains on you and your words. They add to, don't distract from, your message.

More Sample Images

Overlay Images

These images can be used as backgrounds for songs, sermons, presentations and announcements.

Why the overlay and not just the image itself?

The overlay allows for text to be more clearly viewed by your congregation than if it were placed just over the image itself. No straining trying to determine the words. You get both beauty and clarity with these PowerPoint background images.

Plain Images

These images can be used as PowerPoint backgrounds for songs, sermons and presentations. They do not have an overlay. If they have any scripture, it is unobtrusive.


Worship Image